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22 May
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The Six Pillars of Krav Maga

  SIMULTANEOUS DEFENSE AND ATTACK Combine your defense and offense into one complete strategy.   FOCUS ON VULNERABLE SOFT TISSUE Counter-attack the vulnerable areas of your opponent's body including the groin,...

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20 May
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Yigal Arbiv

Yigal Arbiv (5th dan) is one of Grandmaster Haim Gidon's senior instructors and has trained with Grandmaster Gidon for twenty-six years. After serving in an elite...

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06 May
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David Kahn

David Kahn (IKMA U.S. Chief instructor and IKMA board member) received his advanced blackbelt teaching certifications from Grandmaster Haim Gidon. David trains regularly in Israel with...

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05 May
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Nir Maman

Nir Maman (N. Chief Counter-Terror and Krav Maga Instructor, IDF Special Forces Division Counter-Terror and Special Operations School) began his service in the IDF in one of...

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04 May
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