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Krav Maga – Open Classes

Israeli Krav Maga is designed to prepare civilians to defend against any type of street confrontation.  Awareness training is paramount with deescalation & avoidance tactics heavily emphasized. Designed to teach students to defend against both unarmed and armed assailants wielding any type if weapon, including edged, impact or a firearm. Multiple opponent strategies and tactics are also emphasized.


Training focuses on real-life, street-proven self-defense techniques, while integrating extensive fitness conditioning to further hone one’s skill sets. Our goal is to teach students to be proficient in self-defense in the shortest time possible, while providing strong technique retention and dynamic training scenarios.


Open training classes are available for men, women and teens (age 13 and up). Law Enforcement & Military Personnel are welcome also.



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Police Krav Maga®

Practical application for real-world self-defense, restraint, and control

We know that everyone you encounter presents a unique situation – we will give you the tools to be adaptive in the moment

Easy to learn – Krav Maga uses the body’s instincts and natural mechanics

New techniques and fitness skills are added as you proceed through all levels

We constantly evolve our training to meet and exceed the criminal mindset; we know in many cases you have one only chance

We have, and continue to train the world’s most elite law enforcement and military programs on earth

Our Schools are the only certified Krav Maga training from United States Chief Instructor Israeli Krav Maga and award-winning author — Authority David Kahn


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Women’s Seminars

Our specialized Women’s Self-Defense seminar has been designed to prepare women both physically and mentally, to react and defend themselves from life threatening situations. Training covers a wide variety of scenarios both inside and outside (vehicles, dark parking lot, etc.) of our training facility. Training will provide you with the tools to fend off a would-be attacker, while feeling safe, secure and empowered in your everyday life

During this seminar we cover techniques such as: releases from grabs, chokes and bear hugs, striking defenses, weapon disarming and ground survival techniques. Emphasis is placed on preparation to defend under stress – effectively eliminating the “shutting down and freezing” reaction.


Women of all ages, sizes and physical abilities are invited to participate.


This seminar is offered once a month. Seminars include a $30.00 enrollment fee. Contact us for more details and enrollment.


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