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What is Krav Maga?

What is the Israeli Krav Maga Association (Gidon System)?

Who uses krav maga?

Does krav maga distinguish between training men and women?

Is it appropriate for children to learn krav maga?

How does krav maga differ from other martial arts or fighting styles?

Does one require previous self-defense training?

Do classes incorporate full contact fighting?

Does the IKMA curriculum incorporate groundwork?

Does krav maga incorporate weapons defenses?

How are krav maga classes run?

Does krav maga require uniforms or specific attire?

Does krav maga adhere to a belt or ranking system?

Who was Imi (Emerich) Lichtenfeld?

Who is Haim Gidon?

What are the differences between the IKMA and other krav maga organizations?

Why did the IKMA and its representatives fight to have the name krav maga declared generic in the United States?

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