What is Krav Maga

Battle-tested and street-proven, Israeli Krav Maga is the Israel Defense Force's official self-defense and close-quarters-combat system developed for pure survival.

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Why Train With Us

We belong to Krav Maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld's original and longest standing organization, the Israeli Krav Maga Association (Gidon Fighting System) and provide instruction at its highest level of standards and most modern evolution.

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News & Updates

Check out the latest news, resources and events in our article database. You can also search our history archives for interesting articles related to Krav Maga.

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Class Schedules

Stay up to date with the class schedules and seminars here.

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The Complete Fighting System


The only rule in krav maga… there are no rules. In its military capacity and highest levels of learning, krav maga teaches not just defenses against armed and unarmed attack, but how to initiate an attack. Traditional katas and choreographed routines are removed, promoting “continuous combat motion” to complete the defense in ground and standing confrontations. Krav Maga was designed from the ground up to be learned in a short time, and equally important, to be retained.

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So that one may walk in peace.
― Imi Lichtenfeld
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