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The Mental Preparation Grid

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4 Steps of Action

The Mind Of A Kravist


In a physical confrontation, you are likely to experience a combined surge of stress, fear, and excitement. Mental and physical conditioning will allow you to harness your adrenaline and channel it into action. Mental confidence and toughness provides a decisive advantage in a violent encounter. Hone both your mental and physical skills to spring into action without thinking. Only proper training can trigger this fighting response.


The Four Steps To Action


When confronted, the mind goes through a series of steps to choose a response:


  • Threat recognition.
  • Situation analysis.
  • Choice of action.
  • Action or inaction.


Reacting To An Attack


A surprise attack will force you to react from an unprepared state. Therefore, your self-defense reaction must be instinctive and reflexive. Krav Maga training prepares you for just that. The subconscious mind turns instinctive trained responses into immediate action.


Understanding the Human Body


The body can withstand a high amount of physical punishment. Adrenaline is a powerful energizer and allows the body to momentarily insulate itself against pain. The body’s resilience works for both victim and assailant. To stop an assailant, target the body’s vulnerable and vital areas using retzev.


Making the Training As Real As Possible


Training will help you overcome the fight paralysis that can easily set in. You will learn how to alleviate fear, panic and other sensations. You will learn effective physical techniques while mentally adjusting to a harsh violent reality.


Visualization and Scenario Planning


Use your mind to train your body to automatically and instinctively react to danger. Visualization and scenario planning boosts your confidence, reduces fear, improves your fighting technique, and helps cope with unanticipated hostile situations because you will have envisioned them beforehand.

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