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Don't Be a Victim

Women’s Self Defense Seminar

  |   Krav Maga

What would you do if you were attacked?

Ladies…the scary facts are:

* 1 violent crime occurs every 5 seconds in the U.S.

* 1 rape or sexual assault occurs every 2 minutes

* Every hour, 172 women are assaulted

** Did you know that 86% of attacks on women are successfully ended if the woman fights back?

If you can, the best and 1st thing to do is run and put an obstacle between you and your assailant. Stay in your location and don’t be taken away, your chances of survival dramatically decrease.

What you will Learn:

•Bladed stance for preparedness with hands in de-escalation mode
• Various upper-body combatives
• Various lower-body combatives
• Blocks/Parry’s
• Takedowns
Standing Defenses 
• Using Common Objects as Weapons
• Defense against hand-holds
• Shirt grab releases
• Choke from the front while standing w/ one and two hands
• Choke from rear
• Bear Hugs
Chokes & Rape Defenses
Location & Cost
Chiseled Life Gym: 9309 Snowden River Pkwy. Suite A Columbia, MD. 21046
Alec at info@ikmakravmaga or (609) 846-3004

Cost: $20


SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 2022 AT 11 AM – 1 PM

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